Diagnosing Organizations with Impact

A critical task for organization development is to accurately diagnose the cross currents of information that exists within every organization.

In this course, you will work individually, in small groups and as a large group, to diagnose organizations in an impactful way. You will explore organizations as open systems, use organizational diagnostic models, and learn to balance the roles of diagnostician and being a practitioner of organization development. Though it is not required, it would be helpful if participants have taken Theory and Practice in OD (offered as a course through NTL Institute).

Elements and Expectations

The Diagnosing Organizations with Impact experience will provide a learning opportunity that will:

  • Examine and apply four diagnostic models to an existent client system;
  • Experiment with strategies, methods and techniques for collecting organizational data, and analyzing it;
  • Identify a variety of lenses for organization assessment;
  • Develop a diagnostic strategy and model to apply to your own organization or client system;  and
  • Learn to recognize and appreciate the impact of perceptual bias in the diagnostic process.

There will be no charge for the OD Certificate Trackers who have Paid in Full. Trackers who are paying on installments or on a course by course basis will be charged according to their contracts. For the general public the tuition for this course is $3,900. The Tuition fee does not include accommodations. 

The course begins at 8:30am on the first day and ends at 3pm on the last day.


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