The Power of Feedback

Giving and Receiving with an Equity Diversity, and Inclusion Mindset

Tuition: $1,900 USD

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Recent research confirms that organizations with a feedback-rich culture drive global breakthrough success, inspire individual accomplishment, and ensure personal, and group ownership of tasks and goals.

In this virtual, experiential lab, we present the essential concepts of an equity, diversity, and inclusion mindset and reframe how to use the power of feedback to enhance individual, team, and organization performance, learning, and growth.

Elements and Expectations

In this interactive lab, participants will:

  • Delve into the feedback process and its relationship to social identity, bias, trust, continuous learning, and extraordinary performance.  
  • Increase awareness of and competence for developing an equity, diversity, and inclusion mindset in giving and receiving feedback at all organizational levels.
  • Explore the personal and professional development required to give and receive feedback aptly.
  • Use hands-on tools to learn, practice, and reflect on their feedback delivery, response patterns, and triggers dealing with real-life challenging feedback conversations.


This course is offered virtually. Virtual courses are taught on-line and do not require travel, but they do require you to have a computer and internet access to attend the course.

Session Dates

Sessions 1 & 2: Feb 2/3 (Thurs/Fri) 10AM-12:30PM ET

Sessions 3 & 4: Feb 9/10 (Thurs/Fri) 10AM-12:30PM ET

Sessions 5 & 6: Feb 16/17 (Thurs/Fri) 10AM-12:30PM ET

Sessions 7 & 8: Feb 23/24 (Thurs/Fri) 10AM-12:30PM ET 

Lab Staff

Karen Parker Thompson, MSOD

Paul West

Tuition for this course is $1,900 USD.

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