The Artistry of Facilitation: A Certificate Program

The Artistry of Facilitation

November 9-12, 2018 are the first module dates

WeWork, City Center

1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

$10,900 is tuition for the entire certificate course



Leaders of human systems realize the increasing need for teamwork, time-management, inclusion and meetings.

Not just meetings, but productive meetings! Facilitation can support these leaders, and their teams, in assuring that meetings are focused, engaging, inclusive and achieve their intended purpose.

The NTL Facilitation Certificate Program will help you meet those needs. You will receive specific training in group facilitation to enable you to serve as a resource in your professional and personal lives.

NTL’s basic experiential education is at the root of all that we do. What distinguishes this program from other facilitator training programs are the following:

  • The NTL Facilitation Certificate Program is not training; it is experiential and based in the most current theories of human and group behavior.
  • It encourages you to explore yourself as an instrument of facilitation by inviting you to develop your emotional intelligence, observation and reflection skills, and other strengths that you already possess.
  • The entire course is designed to increase not only your competence, but also your confidence in yourself as a facilitator.
  • It develops a network and support system you can use after the course is over.

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who has to lead a meeting or facilitate a meeting 
  • Consultants wanting to hone their facilitation skills and be more effective within their client systems.
  • Leaders, managers, and team members of organizations and communities who are committed to fully harnessing the human energy within their respective spaces.


  • Increased confidence in facilitating groups and a deep understanding of group dynamics
  • Learn how to craft and deliver questions that invite full participation, innovation and creativity
  • Practice resolving dysfunctional group behavior, in real time.
  • Embedded inclusivity in to your facilitation style
  • Learn design techniques to customize the group experience
  • Leave with a set of powerful and integrated concepts, principles, techniques, and skills.


The program is experiential and includes a combination of lecture, small and large group exercises, demonstration, between session learning opportunities, and practice. This program is spread out over 6 months, includes three residential meetings, and will have assignments and 2 check-in virtual meetings between each of the 3 residential events. You will be urged to engage your heart, mind, and intuition, while discovering and enhancing your own facilitation style.

Facilitation Artistry – The Foundation of Our Program

Facilitation is truly an art form – and the skills can be practiced and strengthened. While it may most commonly be associated with the act of being in charge of a meeting, in reality we each are involved in facilitation in many types of gatherings; work groups, social groups, family groups, political groups, etc. The purpose of the group/gathering may involve decision making on a multi-million dollar business deal or trying to get a family to decide on where to vacation. In any case, if a facilitator is not delegated by stated leadership or authority, an individual may announce their willingness to facilitate the group’s thinking and decision making process or simply begin to suggest ways to proceed moving the group toward its stated goal. What is important is to be ready to perform that role, whether it is delegated to you or you choose to facilitate or co-facilitate along with other members.


Developing Facilitator Artistry will include the following content areas:

  • Role of the Facilitator
  • Facilitator Presence
  • Group Dynamics 
  • Meeting Effectiveness 
  • Sensing, Diagnosis and Moving to Action 
  • Repertoire of Interventions

Dates for Face-to-Face Sessions

November 9-12, 2018

January 25-27, 2019

May 3-5, 2019

The dates for virtual sessions will be announced soon.

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