Human Interaction Lab near Oxford, England

1 to 5 July 2019 at Eynsham Hall

The Human Interaction Lab

1 to 5 July 2019

at Eynsham Hall near Oxford, England

• increase your self-awareness
• enhance your interpersonal skills
• increase your understanding of group dynamics
• understand the impact of your behaviour on others
• value inclusion and diversity as a norm and an advantage
• practise giving and receiving feedback in a learning environment

NTL Institute has been offering the Human Interaction Lab for more than 70 years. The core of the Lab is the T Group (T for Training). In a T Group, you participate in a facilitated small-group experience. You learn about yourself, others, and groups—so that you can communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, family, and friends.

Previous participants say:

“The seminal moment of my personal and professional development journey”

“Benefits for me were increased self-awareness, increased understanding of the value that differences and diversity bring to work and decisions,
increased confidence in myself and my work”

“It was such a wonderful experience, bringing so many diverse people together in such a heart-warming, kind, and yet utterly challenging, positive way.”

Each of the T Groups within this Human Interaction Lab will have two professional members of NTL as facilitators. Depending on numbers and the availability of facilitators, the Lab staff will include Walt Hopkins, Phil Mix, Sushma Sharma, and others.


This Human Interaction Lab UK-European Hub
is co-sponsored by

the UK-European Hub of NTL Institute and
Castle Consultants International

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Your investment of time and money in this HI Lab is significant and we want it to pay off for you. Previous participants tell us that it is vital to commit your full attention and energy to the experience. This is an intensive week. We begin at 10:30am on Monday and end by 1pm on Friday. In between, we meet from 8:30am until 9pm each day. We have meal breaks and a bit of free time—but you will need that time to relax. So we strongly recommend that you do not plan on having time for work or time with family or friends. We expect you to be present for all sessions all week.

Your accommodation and meals are included within the fee. We have reserved a single Cosy room for you at Eynsham Hall from lunchtime on Monday 1 July through lunchtime on Friday 5 July. Your fee includes full English breakfast, lunch, all breaks, and dinner each evening with 3 choices of 3 courses. If you choose to arrive earlier before the lab begins or depart later after the lab ends, please see the additional information on the Registration Form.

Bursary Fund: Assistance for you
This is an expensive experience and we know that not everyone can afford it. We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive experience for everyone. So we have a Bursary Fund to help you. If you need a bursary to attend, please send a text or an email now to Walt Hopkins of Castle Consultants International on +44-7515-884771 for text or for email and we will arrange a way for you to attend.

Bursary Fund: Contributions from you
In addition to contributions from us at Castle, our Bursary Fund builds on your own generosity as an individual and also on your organisation’s commitment to social responsibility. When you pay the full fee, some of that goes into the Fund to support others. If you want to contribute even more to the Bursary Fund in order to assist others and to expand your own experience, you can do so on the registration form.

Your fee covers your tuition and materialsplus all your meals and accommodation from Monday lunchtime through Friday afternoon. If applicable, VAT at 20% is additional. For organisations, if you send more than one person, the next one pays £300 less.
Please ask about a bursary if you need assistance to attend.

Fees: after 30 April 2019

£2900 for one person who is self-funding (includes support for bursary fund). £3200 for one person from an organisation (includes support for bursary fund).

If you send more than one person, then the next one pays only £2900.

Early Bird fees: before 30 April 2019 or until the Early Bird contingent is full

£2600 for one person who is self-funding (includes support for bursary fund). £2900 for one person from an organisation (includes support for bursary fund).

If you send more than one person, then the next one pays only £2600.


Registration for this course is not handled here at the web site. Instead, please download the registration form and flyer from For further information and for a registration form, send a text or email to Walt Hopkins of Castle Consultants International on +44-7515-884771 or


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