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Personal Growth & Leadership Development

“Communications and Interpersonal Skills”
 are the Top-Ranked Attributes by MBA Recruiters

Source: Wall Street Journal’s Annual Survey of MBA Recruiters

Why Personal Growth & Leadership Development?

Individual and organizational success greatly depends on one’s ability to communicate and interact with others. The Wall Street Journal's annual survey of MBA recruiters states that often the interpersonal and procedural challenges equal or exceed the technical issues involved. "Communication and interpersonal skills" and "ability to work well with a team" ranked at the top of the list of attributes recruiters rated as a "very important" outranking the more "typical" MBA attributes like "analytical and problem solving skills" and "strategic thinking."

Becoming proficient in interpersonal dynamics requires that we do much more than simply read in a book or attend a lecture. Even repeated practice of a newly-learned behavior yields only limited results. A recent Harvard Business Review article states:

"When the skills to be learned involve interpersonal relations - learning by doing with feedback from a knowledgeable coach - creates deep understanding. Only then is real proficiency achieved."

NTL's Proven Approach

The signature element of NTL's approach is the "T-Group", an intensive, small training group where participants receive feedback from both peers and an experienced facilitator. We then combine the T-Group experience with tailored theory and practice sessions to give participants a deeper level of personal learning and transformation, removing roadblocks and creating breakthroughs.

We deem this learning methodology so important to achieving personal and professional success that two of NTL's most popular training programs, the Human Interaction Laboratory and Interpersonal Skills for Leadership Success, use the T-Group as the foundation of the learning experience and both are prerequisites for many of NTL's workshops and certificate programs.

Please visit our Community Calendar for a listing of upcoming NTL interpersonal programs. 

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