Fostering Interpersonal, Group and Organization Effectiveness

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NTL Institute Donations

NTL Institute Donations

NTL Institute is dedicated to the expansion and application of the field of Applied Behavioral Science.

Donations are currently accepted for:      

  • Seashore Memorial Fund
    Supports the lifetime of accomplishments and contributions by Charles N. Seashore, Ph.D. and Edith Whitfield Seashore. The fund supports continued development in services rooted in the broad field of Applied Behavioral Science. To donate, click here.

  • Program Development
    Supports new program development focused on the application of skills to strengthen individual effectiveness, build organizational capacity, address complex, systemic change and innovation, promote community development, and maximize the contributions of increasingly diverse workforces and communities. To donate, email
  • Research
    Supports research that fosters a spirit of inquiry and engagement and improves the knowledge and skills of practitioners. The Foundation's research focuses in the following broad areas: group dynamics and group process, participatory planned change, self as an instrument of change, learning methodologies and applications, research in community development, and cross-cultural differences. To donate, email

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