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Coaching FAQ's

Coaching Service FAQ's

What is the benefit to me should I engage in a coaching partnership with an NTL coach?
The purpose of coaching is to "move the action forward." In this sense, coaching allows a person to take her or his personal insights to the next level, and to apply them to leadership and/or situations involving transition.

Who are the coaches?
All coaches are NTL members who are seasoned, trained, and experienced in the areas of coaching, leadership and management, group dynamics, self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness, group identity and issues of diversity, etc.

What will the NTL coach provide?

  • One-on-one confidential coaching
  • Support over a period of time (Coaching will be provided over the telephone, with e-mail support)
  • Resource and/or training recommendations as appropriate

How is coaching different from the T-group process?
The T-Group helps individuals learn about themselves and those behaviors that could be getting in the way of personal or professional advancement. The primary vehicle for learning in an NTL lab is the T-Group. Coaching is an action-driven, one-to-one experience that enables you to face your challenges and apply new awareness and learning and put them into practice in your life and your organization. Your coach is your partner and your champion in this process.

How do I get matched with a coach?

  • NTL will select a coach to work with you based on your individual coaching preferences.
  • The NTL coach will contact you via e-mail and will include a profile of her/his professional coaching experience prior to the start of discussions.

When will the coaching take place?
The coach and the coaching client will mutually agree on a schedule as part of their first conversation.

How will the coaching take place?
The coaching will take place over the phone, with emails between appointments to support the learning. Assignments between discussions may also be part of the coaching process. Sometimes this involves reading a brief article which supports or enhances learning. Sometimes it involves experimenting with a new behavior and reflection on the experience. Your coach may also simply ask you to keep a daily journal of what you are noticing about yourself during the coaching engagement.

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?
You must provide at least 24 hours notice to your coach if you need to reschedule. Failure to provide adequate notice of cancellation could result in the amount of time reserved for the cancelled discussion being counted as part of your coaching engagement.

Over what period of time will the coaching take place?
The coaching must be completed within three months of the initial contact with your coach.

Will there be a written report from the coach? Who will receive this?
Coaching is a confidential partnership between you and your coach. At the end of each discussion, you and your coach will summarize the conversation, including any next steps. This is a standard practice in the coaching partnership. No documentation will be forwarded to any other party.

Is it possible to continue working with my coach after the allotted package time?
Yes. Inform your coach about this interest at the final session, and she/he will share with you the process for contracting additional coaching time.

How do I sign up for the service?
Just like signing up for NTL programs, you can register online or by phone with a credit card for either ApplicationPlus® Coaching or NTL Coaching.

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