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Featured Publications

Featured Publications

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 

Celebrating its 50th year! The NTL Institute, with Sage Publications, Inc. provides an extraordinary resource, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, which is currently edited by William Pasmore. 

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science brings both scholars and professionals the latest discussion of change efforts to improve the quality of human life. The journal provides scholars with the best in research, theory and methodology, while also informing professionals and their clients of issues in group and organizational dynamics. 

Since 1965, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has led and recorded changes in applied behavioral science. Now more than ever, JABS continues to tap its interdisciplinary nature to provide complete and balanced coverage of the field's latest developments and advances. Distinguished authors from around the world bring original analyses and views from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Group Dynamics
  • Organization Development
  • Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Organization Behavior
  • Management
  • Research Methodology
  • communicationárace and Ethnicity
  • Sociology
  • Health and Medicine
  • Gender Studies

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science publishes a wide range of innovative and thought-provoking scholarship, ensuring that you'll receive the best and latest analysis on the spectrum of social change. In each volume you'll find:

  • Peer-reviewed articles presenting both research and applications
  • Brief biographical essays exploring the work and lives of leaders in the field
  • Descriptive and relevant case studies providing a rich source of ideas, information and methods
  • Comments and responses from readers and authors adding insight to current and recent work
  • Broad overviews of articles offering sound implications for the direction of the field
  • Review essays examining books on a related topic spotlighting the current state of the field
  • Special issues devoted to a single theme providing in-depth coverage of new or expanding topics
  • An annual index listing authors and titles for quick and easy reference.
Visit the JABS website or order online.


Practising Social Change 
Practising Social Change is the practitioner’s journal of The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science. NTL was founded in 1947 by Kurt Lewin and other pioneering educators as a not-for-profit educational organisation for the purpose of advancing the field of Applied Behavioural Science. Lewin is famously quoted as saying: “There is nothing so practical as a good theory.” His genius was an unparalleled ability to work at the intersection of theory and practice: he applied theory to practice, and from practice he created new theory.

NTL is credited with pioneering experiential learning approaches to adult education and organisational change and, for sixty years, it has served as an incubator for many of the theories and methods used to create social change today. In this journal, the world-wide professional community of NTL members and associates describe how reliable and emerging theories of learning and change come alive in the real world.

Visit the Practising Social Change website.