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Member Publications

Member Publications

Vera Pilgrim and the Ritual of the Dolphins
By Bryant Rollins
ISBN: 978-4327-8580-2

This is a novel that comes out of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. The book is an epic survey with psychological and cultural contexts. It spans history from the African slave trade to the contemporary challenges of an increasingly multicultural America. Against the backdrop of myth, it vividly brings back the powerful music of the 1960s, the political tensions, the energy and tumult of the movement, the dramatic force of voter registration drives, marches, protests and rallies as the winds of change swept the country.  
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Finding Merlin
By Kate Cowie
ISBN: 978-9814302746

This book is about the journey of development - a process of discovering who we are and who we could be. The author seeks 'the pattern that connects' the theories of the orthodox, postmodern and even post-postmodern researchers in order to create a comprehensive roadmap, equipping readers, and through them, their organizations, to make their greatest contribution to the renewal of our failing global systems in our increasingly interrelated and interdependent world. 
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Training for Development, Third Edition
By Rolf P. Lynton and Udai Pareek
ISBN: 9788132106876

This is the Third Edition of Rolf P. Lynton and Udai Pareek’s bestselling book, Training for Development. Completely revised, this new edition reflects the “speed of change” that the world has undergone in the last two decades and includes recent examples and illustrations.

Since 1967, Training for Development has been regarded as the most comprehensive work available to professionals in the field of training and development. The authors focus on training not primarily as a source of new information, but rather as a means for changing behavior for lasting improvement on the job.
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Clear Leadership: Sustaining Real Collaboration and Partnership at Work
By Gervase R. Bushe
ISBN: 978-0-891063-82-7

Expanding on the powerful concepts that made the first edition a success, this fully revised edition looks beyond what it takes to lead performance. Clear Leadership now includes 23 skill-building exercises, dozens of case examples and alternative thinking about approaches to conversations.
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Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders
By Patricia St. Onge with Contributing Author Beth Applegate
ISBN: 0940069687

No “how-to” manual exists on cultural competency. And, compared to other topics in nonprofit management, little exists on the skills and strategies needed to address racism and inequity. Building cultural competency is an ongoing journey that nonprofit leaders choose to take because they know the end result will be a more inclusive, connected, and effective organization. Patricia St. Onge and her contributing authors help readers grapple with the urgent issues that can transform capacity builders into change agents in the nonprofit sector.
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The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together
Edited by Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. with William G. Russell and David Lipsy, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0814412785

Building an organization’s commitment to sustainability is not just a means to enhancing the health, diversity, and strength of the world’s ecosystems but a financially and socially sound best practice as well. The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook helps readers understand what sustainability means, and how they can implement it in their organization. Collecting the wisdom of an outstanding network of experts, the book uses models, tools, case studies, and examples from a wide range of companies to show readers how they can: manage the transition to an eco-friendly culture, foster employee engagement, integrate sustainability into the day-to-day realities of their business and oversee both short-and long-term goals for their sustainability initiatives.
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Effective Multicultural Teams: Theory and Practice (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation)
By Claire B. Halverson and S. Aqeel Tirmizi
ISBN: 1402086970

Theory and Practice of Multicultural Teams (TPMT) will help students understand the most current theory and practice perspectives relevant to multicultural teams, and apply these theories as team members and/or managers, facilitators and leaders. It is designed for classroom use in management and organizational behavior courses where students at the graduate and certificate level are developing skills to work in teams. It is intended to be a core text but may be used as a supplemental text as well.
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Be BIG: Step Up, Step Out, Be Bold: Daring to Do Our Best Work Together 
By Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller
ISBN: 1576754529

Too many people have decided the safest way to get through life is to be small. They've decided it's too dangerous to think big, to speak out, to take risks. But, particularly today, organizations need people to step up. to bring more of themselves to the workplace, to contribute more and have a bigger impact on the success of the organization. This inspiring, charmingly illustrated book challenges each of us to show up more fully as individuals and in our interactions with others, and to find ways to be big together. In straightforward, incisive language Miller and Katz help us understand all of the many, sometimes subtle ways we make ourselves small. They show how we make others small as well, and how these same attitudes can keep us from working together effectively. And they encourage us to nourish new attitudes that will make us, our co-workers, and our organizations bigger.
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Nonprofit Organizations: Principles and Practices
By Thomas P. Holland and Roger A. Ritvo
ISBN: 0231139756

Nonprofit organizations in the United States have exploded over the past two decades, and while many books touch on aspects of these organizations, few directly address the principles and practices incoming workers need to know to become leaders in the field. This volume begins with a history of nonprofits, as well as a discussion of the theories and ethical issues surrounding them, and then provides guidance on how to create, lead, and manage an effective organization. Subsequent chapters cover key issues in human resources; organizational growth and renewal; strategic planning; community relations; fundraising; program evaluation; accountability, particularly financial; and the future of nonprofits.
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Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn (Harvard Business Review 2006 Reading List)
By Tojo Thatchenkery and Carol Metzker
ISBN: 1576753530 

Appreciative intelligence® provides a new answer to what enables successful people to dream up their extraordinary and innovative ideas; why employees, partners, colleagues, investors, and other stakeholders join them on the path to their goals, and how they achieve these goals despite obstacles and challenges. It is not simple optimism. People with appreciative intelligence are realistic and action-oriented—they have the ability to not just identify positive potential but to devise a course of action to take advantage of it.
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Triple Impact Coaching
By Beverley Patwell and Edith Whitfield Seashore
ISBN: 0-9650430-1-0 

Triple Impact Coaching is a cascading or layered approach of coaching from you, the coach, to your clients, and from your clients to the people they work with resulting in benefits for the individual, team and organization. The coaching process begins with understanding your own Use-of-Self as a coach and learning how to be more intentional with your choices to obtain the impact that you need and desire.
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The Handbook of Large Group Methods
By Barbara Benedict Bunker and Billie T. Alban
ISBN: 978-0-7879-8143-3 

Large Group Interventions are methods used to gather a whole system together to discuss and take action on the target agenda. That agenda varies from future plans, products, and services, to redesigning work, to discussion of troubling issues and problems. The Handbook of Large Group Methods takes the next step in demonstrating through a series of cases how Large Group Methods are currently being ....
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Built to Change
By Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley
ISBN: 978-0-7879-8061-0 

In this groundbreaking book, organizational effectiveness experts Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley show how organizations can be “built to change” so they can last and succeed in today’s global economy. Instead of striving to create a highly reliable Swiss watch that consistently produces the same behavior, they argue organizations need to be designed in ways that stimulate and facilitate chan....
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Covert Processes at Work : Managing the Five Hidden Dimensions of Organizational Change
By Robert J. Marshak with Forward by Ed Schein
ISBN: 1576754154 

•The first book to offer an integrated approach for recognizing and dealing with the hidden processes that sabotage organizational change efforts •Identifies five different dimensions of these covert processes •Offers a comprehensive approach that can be used to address any type of covert process “As a large-scale change consultant who ha....
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Repairing the Quilt of Humanity 
By Deborah Howard
ISBN: 0931761123  

The quilt of humanity is in a tattered state, says Deborah Howard, a New York City organization development and diversity consultant. We suffer too much as a result of racism, oppression, and the various ways that power and privilege affect us. Drawing on her own cultural background, she employs the Jewish concept of tikkun olam-healing and repairing the world-to present a provocat....
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Discovering Your Perfect Career
By Rene Carew
ISBN: 1592572979 

Find your true career calling! Finding the perfect career isn"t easy, but it is achievable. The Complete Idiot"s Guide to Discovering Your Perfect Careeroffers you the chance to trade in your current, less-than-satisfying job for the fulfilling career you were meant to have. Through a process of personality self assessment, temperament, talents, values, interests, and goals, you will ....
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Nameless Organizational Change (2000)
By Glenn P. Allen-Meyer
ISBN: 0967507901

This book explodes the assumptions behind currently accepted methods of organizational change by demonstrating the power and pervasiveness of the marketing paradigm in the field of organization development and change. Any time a leader or change agent feels like a "salesperson" of change, she or he has felt the pull of the marketing paradigm. This book offers a new appr....
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If Your Life Were A Business, Would You Invest In It?
By John Eckland and David Kiel 
ISBN: 0-07-141039-2

Challenge: The following material is taken directly from the dust jacket of If Your Life Were A Business, Would You Invest In It?  "Of course you would invest in your life if it were a business, but HOW would you invest? At the time when many of us are rethinking what is truly important in our lives, this completely pr....
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Group Process An Itroduction to Group Dynamics
By Joseph Luft
ISBN: 0874845424

Group Process, now in its third edition, explores basic issues and dilemmas fundamental to all groups, such as leadership, communication, group effectiveness, and conflict. Joseph Luft brings together current development in group theory and practice and guides the reader through experience-based learning, sometimes called the laboratory approach to group dyna....
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Appreciative Sharing of Knowledge: Leveraging Knowledge Management for Strategic Change
By Tojo Thatchenkery
ISBN: 0-7880-21-37-0

True knowledge sharing in organizations occurs less regularly than most of us think. What can be done to help create a system in which people share the internal "know-how" unique to each organization? In this contribution to change management, Tojo Thatchenkery describes a brand new methodology called Appreciate Sharing of Knowledge [ASK] and provides a step-by-step tool kit ....
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Are You Clueless?  7 Clues to Profit, Productivity, & Partnership For Leaders in a Multicultural World
By Tom Finn
ISBN: 978-0-9797245-0-3

“A Bank for White People”, “A Restaurant for Men,” “Oh, My God, You’re a Completely Different Person” – three of many bizarre, real-life stories of lost profits and stymied employees due to cultural cluelessness.  Easy-to-read short stories and 7 Clues – Are You Clueless? is a how-to for leaders for increasing business and motivating their workforce through diversity. 
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Beyond Bullsh*t: Straight Talk at Work
By Samuel A. Culbert
ISBN: 0804758859

Straight-talk at work! Grumblings in offices everywhere suggest that there is not much that we crave more, but don’t get often enough. Beyond Bullsh*t reveals the dynamics of bullsh*t and why it has become the corporate etiquette of choice. It also explains how telling it straight contributes to personal well-being and business success.
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Consulting Psychology: Selected Articles by Harry Levinson
Edited by Arthur M. Freedman, MBA, PhD and Kenneth H. Bradt, PhD
ISBN: 1-4338-0376-3

For over 50 years, Harry Levinson, a pioneer in the field of organizational consulting psychology, has applied his extensive clinical expertise to the understanding of organizational assessment and intervention. In this volume, the editors present 18 of Levinson's landmark contributions that explore how and why consultants diagnose organizational and managerial pathology.
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Promise of Diversity
Edited by Elsie Y. Cross, Judith H. Katz,
Frederick A. Miller, and Edith W. Seashore

ISBN: 0786303077

Workplace diversity is one of the most critical issues facing organizations today. The Promise of Diversity is a contemporary future-focused business anthology that helps readers understand and address the often controversial, always complex, issues surrounding diversity, discrimination and change management. Over 40 articles offering each author’s voice and style, this - collection is itself a Iiving example of diversity and is destined to become a classic reference in its field.
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Organizational Change: Views from the Edge
By Robert J. Marshak
ISBN: 0615230598

This outstanding collection of twenty-seven essays provides both scholarly and practitioner perspectives on the subject of organizational change. Written by consultant and thought leader Bob Marshak, the book provides an unusual look at the development of his ideas over a twenty-five year period. Included are classic discussions about the impact of language and metaphors on organizational change; the theory, practice, and challenges facing the field of Organization Development; and comparisons of traditional East Asian change concepts with Western models.The book will be of special value to students, scholar-practitioners and practitioner-scholars interested in organization development and organizational discourse.
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Action Learning for Developing Leaders and Organizations: Principles, Strategies and Cases
By Michael J. Marquardt, Ed.D.; H. Skipton Leonard, Ph.D.; Arthur M. Freedman, Ph.D.; and Claudia C. Hill
ISBN: 978-1-4338-0435-9

Today’s rapidly changing and globally competitive business environment mandates that 21st century leaders develop new models and innovative learning processing of organizational leadership. To meet these shifting needs, Action Learning has emerged as a key training and problem-solving tool for companies as diverse as Microsoft, Kaiser-Permanente, Nokia, Samsung, Boeing, GE, Motorola, Marriott, General Motors, Deutsche Bank, McKay Foundation, and British Airlines. These and hundreds of other organizations around the world now employ Action Learning for strategic planning to develop future leaders, identify competitive advantages, reduce operating costs, and create high-performing teams.
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