Fostering Interpersonal, Group and Organization Effectiveness

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NTL Publications

NTL Publications

Our excellent publications represent NTL's commitment to bring new technologies and reflective scholarship to the field of applied behavioral science. 


The Handbook of Organization
Development and Change

Edited by Michael Brazzel and Brenda B. Jones
ISBN: 9780787977733  $100

This book provides an essential learning tool for both practitioners and students and presents the skills and competencies of an effective OD practitioner. It examines OD as both field and profession, and considers its history, values and ethics, and provides best practices, theories, methods, processes, and applications—contributed by a veritable “who’s who” of contributors.
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 The Reading Book for Human
Relations Training, 8th Edition

ISBN: 0961039272  $55.00

A resource for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of human interaction, this comprehensive collection of essays is essential for human resource professionals, managers, consultants, trainers, and students.

This extensive collection is divided into major skill-building areas, all necessary for improving professional effectiveness: communications, diversity, conflict, re-entry (after the training experience), history and background of laboratory educations, self-awareness, support systems, experiential learning, and group dynamics.

Besides theory, the book offers practical insights for improving human interactions and provides solid reading in the topic areas covered in the book.

NTL Guidebook Series:
Keys to Group Effectiveness

$10.00 each or $45.00 for the set

NTL Institute presents this open-ended guidebook series that offers keys to small group effectiveness and is developed from our members' action research and lifelong learning during 60 years of facilitating T-groups and NTL core programs.  Each guidebook explores a unique aspect of group life and provides theoretical frameworks and practical applications for improving small groups at work, at home or in the community.  Guidebooks available:

  • Journaling in Small Groups by Walt Hopkins, Ph.D.
  • Illuminating Team Dynamics: Insights from the Enneagram System of Personality by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D.
  • Feedback and Self-Disclosure in Small Groups by Steve Putnam, Ph.D.
  • The T-Group: Effective Members and Trainers by Roger A. Ritvo, Ph.D. and Jacqueline Bearce, Ed.D.
  • Self Awareness by Patricia Day Williams, M.D.

Managing In the Age of Change
Edited by Roger A. Ritvo, Anne H. Litwin
and Lee Butler

ISBN: 0786303034 $25.00

This definitive collection of articles by widely known management experts will serve as a guidepost for today manager who, if not facing change today, should be prepared for change in the future. With the definitions of organizational success changing this fast, managers need a blueprint for dealing with complex new issues as they impact hiring, budgeting, rewarding, planning, organizing and other core responsibilities. Managing in the Age of Change offers insights to all managers, at every stage of change, in every type of organization.

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