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The following organizations and companies support and enhance the NTL's growing learning community. You may access the Partners' websites by clicking on their title above the description or on the URL at the end of each description.

AU/NTL Alumni Association
The AU/NTL Association is a community of over 1200 alumni, students and faculty of the American University/NTL Institute Masters Degree Program in Organization Development. Committed to promoting participative, humane organizations and communities, the Association provides its members with opportunities for continuing education, communication and networking. In addition, they support the continuing high quality of the AU/NTL Program. As a community of lifelong learners, they seek to make a powerful contribution to the field of Organization Development. The benefits of Association membership include: the AU/NTL Alumni Association Directory, the Journal of the AU/NTL Association, the NTL Internship Program, the AU/NTL Mentoring Program, job hotline and discounts to Association and NTL programs.

Case Western Reserve University / Weatherhead School of Management
NTL Institute and Case Western Reserve University, through the Weatherhead School of Management, entered into an agreement in 2005 to jointly promote NTL’s Appreciative Inquiry for Practitioners Program. David Cooperrider, originator of Appreciative Inquiry, and Jane Watkins, Appreciative Inquiry author and consultant, both NTL members, helped to join the two organizations together to better advance the practice of Appreciative Inquiry worldwide.  Participants can earn a Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry and also take individual programs in the many areas of Appreciative Inquiry, including a Constructive Approach to Organization Development, Human Interaction, Coaching, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Designing Experience-Based Learning.

Fielding Graduate University
Fielding Graduate University is the leading provider of knowledge, new practices, and graduate-level learning opportunities in the fields of clinical and media psychology, organizational development, and educational leadership. Exclusively focused on doctoral and master’s degrees and graduate-level certificates, Fielding orients its programs through distributed and online learning to enable self-directed professionals to make great contributions to their fields.  Distinguished, full-time faculty partner with students to integrate research knowledge with real-world challenges. A nonprofit, accredited university, Fielding is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, where it was founded in 1974. Fielding’s global community is dedicated to lifelong learning; social justice and change; and innovation and advancement in organizations, communities, and society.

Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS)
The Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science is a national, non-profit, voluntary, professional organization founded by a group of behavioral scientists engaged in applying their knowledge and skills for the well-being of persons and organizations. Its members work as independent consultants, trainers, counselors, academicians, training managers, personnel and human resource development managers in industrial and non-industrial organizations and as community change agents. ISABS and NTL Institute support an annual exchange of its members.

Organization Development Network
The Organization Development Network is a values-based community, which supports its members in their work in human organization and systems development and offers leadership and scholarship to the profession. The OD Network is an association of organization development practitioners representing a range of professional roles in a wide variety of organizations. About half the Organization Development Network (OD Network) members are employed by private industry, non-profit organizations and government agencies. The other half operates their own consulting firms, engage in private practice and/or teach. While the OD Network is a U.S.-based association, members are from more than 90 countries worldwide.

For over thirty years, the OD Network and NTL Institute have promoted the field of organization development and a common set of values as the basis for OD work. Recognizing the “effective use of self” as a critical core value of the profession, OD Network members may participate in NTL Institute personal and professional development programs for a discount of 10% off the program tuition. OD Network and NTL Institute co-sponsor conferences and other events focused on increasing the capacity of OD practitioners to be effective.

ORI (Organization Renewal Inc.)
Since 1979, ORi Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia has made available to its clients the broad capabilities and experiences of a group of behavioral and management specialists. The combination of disciplines, experiences and resources makes it possible for ORi to implement systems of total resource utilization for improved organization productivity and effectiveness.

NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science combines its over 55 years of shared experiential learning, with ORi in its more than three decades 33 years of applied organizational experience to bring the best in leadership and change management to corporations in Asia. The Ori/NTL program includes six modules of experiential learning and applied research.  Coaching around a 360° feedback on leadership competencies is integral to the program.

Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre, South Africa
In the 1970’s, a strong relationship was formed between Dale White, Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre and NTL. As the Executive Director of Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre in Roodepoort, South Africa, an ecumenical institution established to create a safe haven for multiracial inspiration, training and action in a divided society post 1948, he and his family made Wilgespruit a true resource centre, a safe place for whoever was in need of solidarity and empowerment. At Wilgespruit, Dale and his wife Tish developed a wide range of programmes in leadership training, women empowerment, industrial mission, self-help projects, black consciousness, conflict resolution, mediation and others. T-Group technology was first introduced at Wilgespruit at the height of the apartheid years in the 1960’s as priests in the US Episcopal Church, trained by NTL Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences, facilitated and trained South Africans in cross-racial Human Interaction Labs.

In the 1990’s, Jane Magruder Watkins arranged a grant to staff NTL Members at Wilgespruit to train and prepare leaders for post-apartheid leadership roles. Fred Nader, CEO of NTL at the time, authored the partnership with Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre to provide T-Group training and leadership development. Mary Beth Peters lead the NTL team which included, over several years, Argentine Craig, Rad Wilson, Roger Ritvo, David Cooperrider, Scott Brisco and Joyce Duncan. The T-Group methodology and humanistic values of NTL partnered well with the African concept of “Ubuntu.” According to Ubuntu, there exists a common bond between us all and it is through this bond, through our interaction with our fellow human beings, that we discover our own human qualities.  As the Zulus say, we affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others. 

Anastashia Bukashe, the daughter of Reverend Dale White and the Executive Director of Wilgespruit Fellowship Center, continues the legacy of work with a focus on leadership training for young South Africans. The Wilogespruit Fellowship Centre and NTL reaffirmed their commitment to social change and leadership through a renewed partnership in July 2008.

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