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Organization Development Certificate Program - U.S.

Global Organization Development Certificate Program - United States


NTL Institute's U.S. Organization Development Certificate Program (OD Certificate Program) is designed and delivered using NTL's action research and experiential learning models. Participants in the program spend much of their classroom time engaged and actively working on real-life situations, individually and in groups. Unlike traditional training programs that provide formulas for solving problems, the NTL OD Certificate Program helps individuals learn to create their future as leaders while also shaping the future for their organizations. NTL OD Certificate Program participants are also supported in their learning by an NTL mentor, providing individual coaching and consulting to support each person's goals.

The NTL OD Certificate Program is ideal for:

  • Organization Development Practitioners and Consultants
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Companies, Organizations, and Agencies

 Download the U.S. OD Certificate Brochure



Tuition for the complete Organization Development Certificate Program is $14,450. This includes a $900 nonrefundable deposit that is due upon enrollment.

Tuition Includes:

  • Ongoing program counseling to help you determine program choices within the certificate program
  • Participation in six (6) NTL OD certificate labs
  • A total of six (6) hours of personal mentor time with an NTL member over the duration of the certificate program


Participants enrolled in the OD Certificate Program must complete NTL's Human Interaction Laboratory or Interpersonal Skills for Leadership Success lab before Step II, however it is highly recommended that this be completed before the start of the certificate program/Step I. The tuition for the prerequisite lab is separate from the cost of the certificate program.


  • Theory & Practice in Organization Development

Choose any one program from the following options

  • Group Process Consulting in Organizations

  • Start Up: Establishing a Solid Client/OD Consultant Relationship


  • Diagnosing Organizations With Impact

Choose any two programs from the following options

  • Art of Coaching
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Self Awareness & Being

Choose any one program from the following options

  • Facilitating and Managing Complex Systems Change
  • Leading Organization Change

For a free consultation or to register, contact Mike Seckington at: 301-565-3200 Ext. 312  or click here to send an email.