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Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice

One of NTL's core missions is to promote diversity and inclusion in organizations and in communities. Diversity is beneficial to both employees and employers. It can increase productivity, creativity, effectiveness, and help to recruit the best possible employees. 

The challenge is that many organizations have not yet developed the systems and structures needed to maximize the potential of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our programs provide participants with the experience of working in diverse teams, learning to manage interactions in multicultural groups, understanding the impact of race, gender, sexual orientation, and age. We also provide training in developing tools and techniques to overcome resistance within organizations and systems that support inclusive environments.

Diversity Training
NTL offers the Diversity Work Conference annually. This unique workshop enables participants to understand, appreciate, and leverage the multiple dimensions of diversity in a group through what we call "an intentional use of self." Attendees emerge able to identify and explore people's differences as strengths to be embraced. To find out where and when the next Diversity Work Conference will be scheduled, click here

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